1 Simple Step to Help Blow Up Your Personal Training Business

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There’s certainly no shortage of personal trainers out there today.  If you’re in the industry you’re probably smiling and nodding your head in agreement.  So how do you stand out?  How can you take your currently client list and more than double it in a short period of time?  I have just the thing to get you there.

If you are a personal trainer, you probably have a wealth of knowledge between your ears.  If this isn’t you and you have a certification that means nothing and zero educational background in anything related to your career, you might just want to stop reading here and check out the classifieds in the newspaper as I can tell you right now, it will be extremely hard for you to be a great and successful trainer in this industry.  I’m sorry, but that’s the cold hard facts.  You have people who want to be the best at what they do, and then you have people who want to get by with the bare minimum and have high expectations of making a lot of money.  If you’re the latter, it’s not in the cards for you—sorry to burst your bubble.

So, for those of you who are still with me, you’re probably wondering what this one simple step is to help blow up your personal training business.  It honestly comes down to a one word answer…


This is honestly so simple and when I explain to you exactly why I’m telling you to write you’re going to smack yourself.  Let me guess, you look back on your day and wonder how you can increase your number of clients?  It’s common if your schedule isn’t already full and keeping you busy all day long.  You’re a great trainer, but you don’t have enough clients to make this a career that offers a stable income that you can live off of comfortably.  Here is where writing comes into the equation.

If you work at a gym or health club (or any variation really), it doesn’t matter if it’s the largest facility in the area or the smallest—you’re going to be slammed with clients soon enough.  Writing opens up many doors for you.  Let me show you how.

 1. Adds credibility to you and your personal training business

You have the knowledge necessary get anyone the results they desire, but not everyone knows what’s going on upstairs in your head.  For that reason, when you write articles, it allows you to share some of your health and fitness knowledge and prove that you’re not just some pretty face with muscles.  The articles can be as short or as long as you wish, but something to keep into consideration is that you don’t want to give it all away, leave something in the tank to force people to pick up the phone and schedule a session with you.  If you give out all of your secrets, it doesn’t give the reader a reason to want to train with you if they already have all the information to follow step by step.

Blow Up Your Personal Training Business

If you write regularly (weekly) it can be an added bonus to your existing client list.  Tell them you are now writing weekly content and you would like to share it with them.  You can then give them the site or blog information so they can follow your work.  Or better yet, create an email list of contacts who opt in for a newsletter you can send out that contains the link to your recent articles.  You could even include prospects in the email newsletter in hopes they eventually sign up for some training sessions.  If your clients like what you’re writing, they might just share it with their friends and they too can become clients of yours.

 2. Creates a much larger reach

At your gym, you can have anywhere from less than 50 clients at a smaller facility to over 1,000 if the facility is HUGE.  Most, if not all, of those people will be local to the area.  You’re ultimately tying yourself down to a given location/territory and then you have other trainers in the area or gym who are all competing for the same prospects.  Stop selling yourself short!

You can only interact and talk to so many people during the day, especially if you have clients during the period in which you’re at the gym.  Writing opens up the door for millions of people to see your work and knowledge depending on where your content ends up and the reach it has through that specific platform (website, blog, etc.).  If they like what they see/read, if leaves the opportunity for them to reach out to you and set up either in-person personal training or online personal training.  Think of the millions of people you can reach across the globe and set up on workout/nutrition programs through simply writing content pieces that shouldn’t take you long at all to write.  Online training is a great way to give your income a nice boost and can be done in the convenience of your own home or anywhere to be totally honest.

Also, don’t forget to market your content on your social media platforms.  This is a great way to engage your friends and followers who could turn into clients of yours.

 3. Additional income

I don’t think you’d complain if you could write an article that not only helps you market yourself and reach a broader audience, but also gets you paid for your educational content piece?  I like to call that a win-win.  If you find time to write even just one article every week, that gives you 52 opportunities to bring in new clients as well as get paid for your time (meaning you get paid for your article) which isn’t a bad gig.

Something that needs to be touched on is the availability of paying content gigs.  It might be difficult at first to find someone who is willing to pay for your content.  Don’t give up, keep reaching out to different publications to try and get your work featured.  It might take some time of giving up free content until you build a name for yourself as a writer.  Don’t feel as though this is a waste of time.  What you are still doing is building your “brand” which is ultimately your name and reputation in the industry.  You can still engage new personal training clients by giving out free content to be published somewhere—or even on your own website or blog where you can also be promoting your training services.

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